Italian Marble

Several house remodeling projects incorporate the inclusion of Italian marble. It is usual for such constructions to utilize marble, but specifically Italian marble. The nation is renowned for manufacturing numerous varieties of the exquisite natural stone.

White Carrara marble is the most popular variety of Italian marble. The stone is extracted from the central-northern region of Italy. In addition to Calacatta and Bardiglio, the north-central region also produces other magnificent types of marble, such as Bardiglio and Calacatta.

Learn everything you need to know about Italian marble and why it is an excellent option for your house.

What exactly is Marble?

Marble is a beautiful natural stone that is frequently used to construct residential structures such as worktops. The stone is extracted from quarries all around the world and comes in numerous varieties. In Italy, numerous types of marble are quarried. If you are considering acquiring marble, you may find the following information to be useful. Marble’s look, cost, durability, upkeep, repair, and resale value are described.


Marble has an elegant and timeless appearance. The beautiful veining of the natural stone will add aesthetic value to your decor.


Installed marble normally costs between $50 and $150 per square foot. This pricing will vary based on a variety of factors, including the type of marble purchased. The price of rarer varieties of marble will grow.


Consider that marble is exceptionally susceptible to spillage. It is also susceptible to scratching if care is not taken around it. For instance, if you cut straight on your marble countertop, it may result in surface scratches. Yet, if you take care of the stone, marble will offer your home a beautiful appearance for many years.


Marble is a permeable material. Any acidic substances, such as juice or coffee, will cause damage to the material. If you have a marble countertop, you must be cautious and avoid these types of spills. While cleaning marble, neither vinegar nor bleach should be used. Windex should also be avoided, as it might harm marble. To clean marble, you should only use products that are specially formulated for the material.


There are marble restoration kits available for purchase if your marble is chipped. You do not absolutely require the assistance of a specialist to repair the chips. Any severe damage, though, will necessitate hiring an expert. Marble, like many other natural stone surfaces, must be sealed. It must be resealed every three months at minimum.

Resale Value

The presence of marble in your home will increase its value significantly. The content will undoubtedly appeal to prospective purchasers. However, this value is only sustained if the marble is well maintained. Damaged or worn marble is far less valuable than marble that has been well-maintained.

How is marble employed?

Marble can be used to produce a variety of house elements. Countertops are one of the most prevalent uses of marble in the house. Regardless of how it is incorporated, marble will add both aesthetic appeal and value to the home.

How is the marble extracted?

Marble is extracted using sophisticated gear that can shape the stone in a variety of ways. In the past, ancient Romans extracted marble using simple implements such as hammers, sticks, and wedges. As time passed, technology improved. During the 18th century, explosives were used to extract marble. In the subsequent century, specialized machinery for marble quarrying was developed.

How is Marble Delivered?

Large trucks and trains did not exist during the time of the ancient Romans. During this time, marble was delivered by sliding it down mountains or with a rope-operated wooden sledge.

Where Is Italian Marble Obtained?

Although the answer may seem simple, there is a particular location in Italy that produces high-quality marble. Carrera Marble originates in the Apuan Alps in northern-central Italy, near the city of Carrera. In addition to Calacatta and Bardiglio, this region produces numerous different types of marble.

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