Infants typically undergo circumcision in a hospital under anesthesia. Older boys and adults also usually receive this service.

An urologist, obstetrician or pediatrician will use a scalpel to separate the foreskin from the penis. After that, it will be covered with ointment and wrapped in gauze for protection.
Dorsal slit

The Dorsal Slit Method is one of the best circumcision methods available. Studies have demonstrated its advantages over freehand circumcision.

First and foremost, it provides greater comfort for the patient than freehand circumcision and takes less time to heal than that method.

Second, it boasts a high success rate and can be used on all age groups. Furthermore, its reduced complications rate makes it more cost-effective overall.

The Dorsal slit with a new marking technique is a safe and efficient circumcision procedure that warrants further clinical application. In the present study, 15 adult patients underwent circumcision using this marking technique on subcutaneous tissue-saving dorsal slits.
Gomco clamp

The Gomco clamp method of circumcision melbourne is widely used around the world due to its safety and minimal bleeding. Furthermore, it’s easy to use and convenient.

The procedure begins by using a safety pin to hold the foreskin and mucosa in place. The bell is then placed over the glans penis, and then the draw stud is threaded through the base plate hole.

Next, tighten the Gomco clamp by crushing the foreskin between the bell and yoke of the clamp in order to restrict blood flow and create hemostasis. Do this for at least five minutes.

Once the clamp has been taken off, apply antiseptic ointment (Betadine) along the crush line. This will help protect your skin from becoming irritated during healing by helping keep it from rubbing away during this process.
Plastibell device

The best circumcision method for each patient depends on the individual and their surgeon. Some are quicker, easier to perform, less traumatic and have lower complication rates than others.

However, all circumcisions come with potential risks of bleeding and infection. If you observe your baby is bleeding excessively, has a fever, or doesn’t urinate within eight hours after the procedure, be sure to notify your doctor.

Plastibell device method is generally considered safe with a low rate of complications. However, some issues can still arise such as bleeding, infection, proximal migration of the ring and redundant skin. A poorly fitted and placed ring is usually responsible for these issues; it should not be too large to fit over your glans nor small enough to avoid mismatch between inner prepuce and proximal shaft skin engaged in the ring – all issues which could lead to phimosis.
Mogen clamp

The Mogen clamp method is the most popular circumcision technique. It is safer, quicker, and preferred by surgeons because it requires less pain and discomfort while being easier to learn. Compared to other methods, this one requires less pain and discomfort during the procedure.

By using the Mogen clamp method, a circumciser will extend the foreskin with straight hemostats to reveal the glans penis and then secure it using the Mogen clamp.

One of the advantages of this technique is its more regular incision line, which is important for families who worry that their child could develop a symmetry issue later in life.

This procedure is also safer and faster than the dorsal slit method, with a lower risk of hemorrhage complications. Additionally, it produces better cosmetic outcomes which are crucial for parents. Unfortunately, this technique leaves excess prepuce skin which increases the risk of HIV or similar sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

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