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Stone carpet and resin driveway options

A stone carpet outside to your resin driveway size? That is not a problem at all, because there are many possibilities. You can make different choices in terms of:

1) Size of the granules

A larger stone grain of 2 to 3 mm is ideal for outdoor use, but grains of 1 to 2 mm, 3 to 4 mm and even 4 to 6 mm are also possible. The smaller the grain, the more homogeneous the end result will be.

2) Material and color of the granules

You can choose from a wide range of natural stone and stone carpet colours. Do you want to avoid discoloration from sunlight? Then it is best to go for a UV-resistant color that is not affected by the sun, e.g. stones in fine marble or granite.

3) Thickness of the stone carpet

The larger the grains, the thicker the stone carpet. The floor thickness is on average between 6 and 12 mm . The thickness of the stone carpet mainly depends on its use. For example, a driveway must of course be thicker than a footpath.

4) UV stability

One stone carpet will discolor faster due to UV rays than the other. Do you want optimal UV stability? Then definitely have the stones colored with a PU agent (polyurethane). It is also best to choose a non-yellowing PU resin as a binding agent . The resin also makes the stone carpet elastic, making it better protected against temperature shocks. For indoor stone carpet, craftsmen usually use an epoxy-based synthetic resin as a binder.

5) Surface finish

A stone carpet can have a closed or an open structure. A closed structure is often used indoors. A professional then fills the space between the stones with a glossy or matt filler. This way you get a smooth and easy to clean surface, where the structure of the stones is no longer noticeable.

With an open structure, that structure remains palpable. This method is mainly used outdoors. Water and dirt particles can disappear into the pores of the stone carpet, so that you do not get puddles on your driveway, terrace, … You can also have the stone carpet finished outside with a transparent PU coating with an extra wear layer . This way it is even more protected against sunlight and weather influences.

It is difficult to give a target price for a stone carpet outside. The final costs will mainly depend on the surface, thickness and color of the stone carpet. You can count on a price that fluctuates between 40 and 75 euros per m², including VAT and installation .

TIP : the price may also differ from craftsman to craftsman. Do you want quick and easy prices, but also want to compare materials and designs? Then request quotes from 2 to 3 recognized professionals active in your area via our quote service .

Method of placing stone carpet

Placing a stone carpet is quick. After about 4 hours, your driveway, terrace, garden path, … is already walkable. Do you want to be sure of a maximum lifespan of your stone carpet? Then call on the expertise and experience of a recognized professional. It works as follows:

Prepare substrate

You can place a stone carpet on concrete, clinker, tiles, asphalt or stabilizer sand. The professional ensures that the surface is stable and dry. In addition, he also applies an adhesion primer to that flat, form-retaining surface. Finally, the craftsman provides an edge of the stone carpet in concrete, bluestone, aluminum, …

Smear stone carpet

The craftsman mixes the stones and the PU resin together. He then spreads the mixture evenly over the desired surface. Corners and round or whimsical shapes are no problem, because the stone carpet forms 1 seamless whole without differences in level.

Stone carpet finishing

If you wish, the professional can finish your stone carpet terrace, driveway, … with a transparent PU coating with an extra wear layer. This way the outdoor floor is even better protected against harsh weather conditions and sunlight.

TIP : would you like to know more about installing a stone carpet outside? Or what possibilities exist in terms of stones, synthetic resin, edges of the stone carpet, …? Receive free advice and tailor-made prices from professionals active in your area via our quotation page .


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