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In this article, However, you can try searching online for local lifeguard training programs or contacting your local lifeguard, American lifeguard, or community center for more information.

They may be able to provide you with more details about lifeguard class near me. A lifeguard main job is to prevent accidents at sea.

we will introduce in detail the work content and role of “lifeguard” who are working to protect safety at the beach.

However, since sudden accidents are inevitable at sea, there are times when lifeguarding is performed in the event of a marine accident.

Here, we have summarized the qualifications related to such lifeguard and the steps to become a lifeguard.

If you want to work or volunteer in the sea, please take a look at the job description of lifeguard.

What is a lifeguard?

In USA, lifeguard are people who monitor and rescue people mainly to prevent accidents at the waterside (sea, pool, etc.).

Lifeguard also provide first aid to people injured by jellyfish and heatstroke patients.

In USA, the “USA Lifeguard Association” certifies and issues “lifeguard certification” as a private qualification, but there are countries overseas where lifeguard are active in the form of civil servants.

In the case of USA, it is not necessary to have qualifications to call yourself a lifeguard.

There are cases where people with suitable swimming ability take on the role of lifeguard as volunteers, and there are cases where university students work as lifeguards as part-time workers in summer pools.

However, at beaches and beaches where many people gather, it is common for more than one qualified lifeguard to protect the safety of the beach.

By the way, lifeguard are required not only to be able to swim, but also to have basic medical knowledge to perform first aid and the ability to communicate smoothly with other rescuers.

In some cases, it can be said that calm judgment is necessary to call an ambulance promptly.

Lifeguard Roles and Work Details

Next, we will introduce the role and main job contents of lifeguard.

Prevent water accidents

Every year, there is no end to the number of water accidents in the sea and pools, but the role of lifeguard is to prevent such accidents before they happen.

When the waves are high or the weather is rough, we will also warn beachgoers who enter the sea.

It is also the job of lifeguards to prevent swimmers from leaving the swimming area.

Dealing with a water accident that occurred (lifeguard)

No matter how careful you are, a water accident will happen, but it can be said that the most important job as a lifeguard is to take appropriate measures in such cases.

After rescuing a drowning person, respond and treat according to the circumstances of the damage.

In some cases, lifeguard may request an ambulance, but quick response and judgment are essential at this time.

Beach environmental conservation (removal of dangerous garbage, etc.)

Cleanup activities are part of lifeguard activities so that beachgoers are not injured by garbage (bottles, cans, etc.) on the beach.

In addition, if you find dangerous creatures such as jellyfish washed up, please report it to the life saver.

Lost child protection

Lifeguards take care of lost children on the beach and may even find their parents or other guardians.

Lifeguards also play a role in keeping small children from entering the water alone.

Dealing with intoxicated people

It is also the job of lifeguards to warn drunk people not to enter the sea and to rescue drunken people.

By the way, the USA Lifeguard Association has also created a manual on how to deal with people who are intoxicated, and has established criteria for calling an ambulance.

In addition, several percent of the drowning accidents that occur every year are caused by drinking alcohol before entering the sea, so be careful not to go into the sea while intoxicated.

Improving lifeguard skills, raising awareness, etc.

Improving skills and knowledge as a lifeguard, and raising awareness of lifeguard can be said to be part of the job.

Lifeguard are making various efforts on a daily basis, as some lives can be saved if appropriate measures can be taken as soon as possible.

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Qualifications related to lifeguard

Currently, there are six qualifications recognized by the USA Lifeguard Association.

Please see below for a summary of the terms and conditions of the course.


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