Electric Hot Plate
With the introduction of cutting-edge and contemporary appliances, PnP has revolutionized the market for kitchen appliances. You can cook quickly and easily with the aid of a hot plate cooker. Your regular cooking will undoubtedly become simpler and more easy with this equipment. The features’ versatility is likely to amaze everyone. This article will walk you through the uses of a hot plate cooker if you’re not sure what they are.

How Do Hot Plate Cookers Work?

A hot plate cooker is a tiny, self-contained, portable cooktop with one or more electric heating components or gas burners. While a hot plate cooker may be used independently, it is often used to replace one of the burners on a kitchen stove or oven range. Hot plate cookers are widely used to prepare food in locations where a complete kitchen range would be difficult or impracticable. A hot plate cooker’s surface might be either flat or spherical. Electric hot plate cookers may be used when travelling or in places without power.

What Components Make Up A Electric Hot Plate?

Often, a sturdy metal like cast iron or ceramic is used to make the plate. The remainder of the Electric Hot Plate might be made of steel or plastic. Most hot plates include one or two burners, as well as temperature and heat warning knobs that may be selected.

Electric Hot Plate

What’s the Process of a Hot Plate?

The more conventional technique of utilizing fire to create heat is not used in a hot plate cooker; instead, electricity is used. By transferring energy via heat coils, it does this. The heat coils have a comparatively large electrical resistance. The energy buildup that occurs when electricity encounters resistance along its route results in the heating coils emitting heat. Your food is effectively cooked by this heat!
The WHP-SMH15 and WHP-SMH20 Walton hot plate cookers each have their own unique set of features.
WHP-SMH15: Has an 185mm-diameter heating surface and a heavy-duty cast iron heater. Up to 1500 Watts of Rapid Heating is ensured. For overheat prevention, a Safety Hood is provided, as well as a Thermal fuse. Non-slip rubber legs, an indicator light, and a temperature control knob round out its other components. Auto Safety Shut down is also supported. This intelligent appliance is just 2,000 BDT.
WHP-DAMH22: Supports 185mm and 155mm heating surfaces on double plate cookers with 1500 and 700 watts of power. You will undoubtedly save time and work thanks to the twin plates and double thermostat temperature control. It will cost you 3,000 BDT for this appliance.

What Functions Does A Hot Plate Cooker Serve?

Keep in mind that everything that you can prepare in a pot on the stovetop can be done on a hot plate. It works in a manner akin to an electric stove burner. Put the pot or pan on the heating plate. If your recipe asks for it, coat the cold pan with cooking spray.

Electric Hot Plate
In addition to boiling water, making soup, cooking pasta, and preparing vegetables, it can also produce hot sauces, scrambled eggs, and grilled cheese.
A delicious steak can be prepared without a grill and even without an oven. Even if the only cooking device you have in your kitchen is a hot plate cooker, you can sear and serve a steakhouse-quality piece of beef.
Water can be boiled on a decent hot plate cooker in 10 minutes or less. If your hot plate doesn’t have a temperature control, turn it on. Next, fill your glass kettle or saucer pot with water and set it on top of the hot plate.
With a hot plate cooker, eggs may be cooked in any manner you choose with only a spatula and a frying pan.
Hot plate cooking is versatile and practical at the same time. If you use a hot plate cooker correctly, you can create practically any food with it!
Hot plate cooker advantages include the ability to replace large burners in studio flats or other small spaces. Several fully furnished one-bedroom flats do not permit the installation of a stove and instead include a hot plate cooker. Hot plate cookers are often kept by students as a way of reheating coffee or making hot meals, even though some college residences prohibit their usage owing to the danger of fire.
While a hot plate cooker may be used independently, it is often used to replace one of the burners on a kitchen stove or oven range. Hot plates are commonly used to cook food in locations where a complete kitchen range would be awkward or unpractical.
The right hot plate cooker may meet your culinary needs in almost every setting, whether a small space, a kitchen with all the necessary appliances, or a weekend in the mountains. Hot plates are a kind of portable cooking utensil that is perfect for use in tiny kitchens without access to a complete kitchen or for meal preparation on-the-go.

While Using A Hot Plate Cooker, You Need Be Careful Of The Following:

The usage of hot plate cookers poses a fire risk that has resulted in countless fires and even deaths worldwide. These fires may be triggered by the prepared food catching fire or by the plate overheating while it is unattended. Have a fire extinguisher handy in case of emergency and never leave a hot plate cooker alone. The use of hot plate cookers by children unattended is not recommended by experts.
Hence, make sure you’ve read the instruction manual before using the device for the first time. It will provide you with all the information you want on your rights and obligations. Also, we highly advise avoiding engaging in the prohibited activities since you run the danger of having a horrible mishap.

Reasons To Purchase A Walton Hot Plate Cooker

Hot plate cookers of excellent quality and reasonable prices may be purchased from PnP. There is a huge selection to choose from. You’ll never have to be concerned about the quality of their items since they are 100 percent real. Contact your neighborhood PnP shop or go to their website to discover more about the cutting-edge and effective hot plate cookers. Get the best goods from the top electrical manufacturer in UAE!

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