Automatic Doors London

Automatic doors in London are beneficial, especially in places where many people gather daily. Installation can be done in public and private places, such as hospitals, hotels, and homes for the elderly and disabled. Many different kinds of automatic doors make it easy to get in. Automatic doors can be changed in different ways. These doors are made in a factory using state-of-the-art technology and are made to be used often and opened quickly. Its popularity is mainly due to how easy it is to get there and how safe it is. Automated doors are now an important part of many businesses. There are a lot of different kinds of automated doors that can be used for other tasks, such as in areas with special needs for temperature control, cleanliness, storage and handling of frozen foods, etc.

Let’s look into them.

Types of Automatic doors London.

Automatic sliding doors:

People often use automatic sliding doors for two-way or one-way traffic. There are telescopic, bi-part, and single slides for automatic sliding doors. These are often sold as complete sets that can be mounted on the surface or hidden above. Slide doors usually have a sliding door panel, an operator, a header, carrier wheels, jambs, a track, a lock, and a system for turning the door on and off. These automatic sliding doors are made of glass and sometimes we need to search for double glaze repair near me as these doors needs maintenance where heavily used. 

Automatic swinging doors: 

Automatic swinging doors are usually one-way and used to get in or out of a small space. The operators can be sold with just the operator, drive arm, and header, or they can be sold as a whole. They can be mounted overhead or on the ground for push-and-pull use. Swing doors can be used for one, two, or two-and-a-half doorways.When sold as a complete set, this will come with an operator, lock, header, door panel, jambs, guide rails, finger protection, and a safety system. When existing door panels are used, an operator with a drive arm and a header is given, along with a suitable activation and security system.

Automatic revolving doors: 

Revolving doors are the real focal point of a building. They give any entrance a classy, high-end look. Because of this, they are often the automatic doors of choice in high-end hotels, banks, large department stores, and large office buildings.

Automatic revolving doors not only look great, but they are also helpful in other ways. Their turning style makes an airtight seal, so the building is never open to the weather. This keeps the building and its occupants warm and dry when the weather is bad. Not only that, but they can also help save energy, which could lead to lower energy bills.

Automatic folding doors: 

Bi-folding doors are becoming more and more popular in homes. They are often used instead of French doors or patio doors. But did you know that automatic bi-folding doors can also be used in business or industrial settings? This style is a great way to get automatic doors in a small entrance, just like automatic sliding doors. Sliding doors sometimes can’t fit through a small opening because they need space to slide into. There are also times when a swinging door blocks or closes off the area where it opens. For these kinds of situations, an automatic bi-folding door is the best choice.

Most of the time, these automatic doors can be retrofitted. This makes them a good choice for many businesses that need to get a job done quickly or on a smaller budget.Because they only take up a little room, they are often used as a divider in a narrow area, such as a corridor or passageway. The panels of a bi-folding door can be folded on top of each other, creating an almost full-width opening. They are often found at the entrances of schools, stores, hospitals, and office buildings.

Semi-automatic sliding doors:

A button, device, push bar, or access control opens a semi-automatic swing door. The automatic door will open when the switch is turned on.This is a good way for a door to work in many ways. Unlike fully automatic doors, they won’t open if someone walks too close to the door and accidentally sets off the sensor. To open them, you have to do something on purpose. This can save your business money because the doors won’t open and close when necessary. They can also help keep heat inside a room than fully automatic doors.Semi-automatic swing doors are often used on busy streets to stop many people from opening them when they don’t need to. Other familiar places for semi-automatic doors are places with restricted access, like school grounds, that get a lot of traffic but need to keep out people who aren’t supposed to be there. 

Telescopic sliding doors:

Telescoping sliding doors are used where the opening isn’t big enough for a regular sliding door. They can also be an excellent way to get in when there is little room behind the door to open them.The telescoping sliding door is good for buildings that need automatic doors but only have a small space. They have more than one leaf, and the inner fold behind the outer ones makes an opening in a small area. They are often used in places with much foot traffic, like shops, doctor’s offices, and hotels, that need more space for traditional sliding doors.


The main reason for the rise in demand for specialized automatic doors in London is that more and more people care about quality and safety. There are a lot of different kinds of doors on the market today. Some can keep things at a specific temperature, others can stop fires, and others can open and close quickly. Your choice should be based on what you need for your project. And Barking Shutters is always there to help you with door installation, repairs, or double-glazing repairs near me. 

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