construction security melbourne They often contain expensive materials and equipment that need to be protected from unauthorised access or loss.

To protect your site from these threats, you must implement comprehensive security measures that are specific to your site. This way, you can avoid losing significant amounts of money and compromising your bottom line.

Security Lighting

Security lighting is a vital element of the construction process, not only for workers but also for pedestrians and passersby. It is important to consider this element during the design stage of any project, as it can significantly improve safety, reduce downtime, and enhance productivity.

The City of Melbourne has developed a comprehensive strategy for public and private external lighting in its metropolitan area. It outlines issues, objectives, and priorities for lighting initiatives through 2026.

Parks and garden lighting are usually controlled by separate power supplies from street lighting systems, requiring sophisticated operating mechanisms that enable the different zones to operate independently. This means the lighting can be changed by time, lighting level, colour, and effect to create a variety of effects.

Using even, glare-free lighting in areas with high levels of traffic is a significant contribution to a safe city. This is especially true for lanes that feature small-scale, one-off features that have an impact beyond what is possible in larger streets and spaces.

Laneways are an important part of the city’s identity and help make it more attractive and memorable for residents. The City of Melbourne has made a commitment to improving illumination in laneways, particularly in the central city.

The City of Melbourne’s Bicycle Plan and specific master plans for parks and precincts help ensure that bicycle paths are appropriately lit. Pedestrians are also encouraged to use shared routes, and these should be lit appropriately to promote safety.


Security Cameras

Security cameras are one of the most effective ways to secure your construction site and reduce crime rates. There are many types of security cameras available for construction sites, including fixed, wireless, and outdoor options. Some of the most popular types include fisheye and multi-sensor cameras, which are suitable for monitoring low-light or infrared situations.

This means that your construction team can call the police immediately and stop unauthorised people from accessing the job site. These systems can also be a cost-effective way to monitor multiple projects at once.

When choosing a camera for construction site surveillance, look for a model that features a high-quality HD camera. This will ensure that the footage captured by your construction security camera is clear and sharp, even at night.

Another option is a solar-powered camera, which uses innovative technology to save your business energy and resources. Rather than having to run cables across your job site, many solar cameras use batteries to keep them running when there is no sunlight.

Having a security system in place is important for any construction site, and it’s especially critical for large jobs that have expensive materials and machinery on them. It will deter criminals and give your workers peace of mind, ensuring they can work without worrying about safety. Additionally, having a CCTV camera on your job site can help protect your company against insurance claims and increase productivity.

Security Guards

Security is one of the most important factors when working on construction sites. A security team will be able to ensure that all of the employees and contractors on the site are safe and that nothing happens without their permission.  It’s also vulnerable to natural disasters like wind and rain damage that can destroy equipment.

The best thing about hiring security guards is that they can help improve the morale of employees and visitors to the construction site. This can result in increased productivity and a more positive work atmosphere.

They can also help prevent any thefts that happen on the site by ensuring that all of the employees are aware of security policies and procedures. They can also monitor and alert the police or other authorities to any suspicious activity that might occur on the property.


Access Control

Access control systems are a great way to deter criminal activity and keep your building safe. This is especially true for construction sites, where vandalism and other nefarious activities can be very common.

Another useful feature of an access control system is that it can monitor employee attendance and timesheet data. This can help your project team and HR department adjust their forecasts and plans to meet completion deadlines, as well as ensure that workers are productive when on site.

Whether you are looking for an access control system to manage your entire building or just a single door, Melbourne Fire and Electrical can provide you with a solution that meets your needs and budget.

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