When guests and clients come to your facility, they want to feel comfortable. That’s where concierge security companies can help.

Trained to assess security risks through conversation, concierge guards provide a valuable service by combining customer service and security at the front desk. They also monitor visitor activities, access control, alarms, and more.

1. Access Control

Access Control is a key feature of concierge security services and enables concierge security officers to restrict access to particular areas of your premises. This can be achieved using technologies like biometric scanners, key cards, or facial recognition systems.

A well-designed access control system will enable you to maintain an audit trail of who entered the location at what time. This will help you identify any potential threats and deter any unwanted visitors.

For instance, if a contractor or maintenance worker comes to your site and is granted access without proper authorization, you will be able to track their work. This can then be used as evidence in a court of law.

Additionally, access control will keep your company’s data and resources secure from unauthorised access. This is especially important for businesses with employees who work outside the office.

Another benefit of access control is that it can help save on security costs by removing the need for manned guards to open and close doors, gates, and barriers. This means that you can offer flexible working hours for your staff while still keeping the building safe. In addition, it allows you to keep track of who comes and goes without having to physically be there yourself.

Galaxy Control Systems is showcasing its Cloud Concierge at ISC West 2018. The solution integrates video surveillance, visitor management, elevator control, locks, and turnstiles onto a single platform. It is available as an on-site user-managed or remote integrator-managed configuration.


2. Monitoring

Monitoring refers to the process of keeping tabs on people and things. It is an important part of security services, as it can help identify suspicious activities. It also provides valuable insights into project implementation and outcomes. Concierge security companies are well-equipped to monitor the activity of your building’s occupants and visitors at all times, even during off hours.

This helps keep your business running smoothly and ensures that any issues are quickly escalated to the authorities. Moreover, concierge security will be able to provide clients with access to their 24/7 emergency hotline and emergency response plan.

These guards can be armed or unarmed, depending on your needs and preferences. They can also work in various areas throughout your building, including the lobby and common spaces.

They can also monitor CCTV footage in real-time and use deep-learning algorithms to identify anomalies. This can prevent a number of security threats in advance, such as package theft, fires, and vandalism.

This service is a must for any company that hosts or welcomes visitors and employees, and it is worth the cost if you are worried about their safety. It can give your business a touch of class and help employees feel safer and more confident when entering your premises. Plus, it can improve your building’s logistics by allowing for easier check-in and check-out processes.

3. Alarms

Alarms are a common feature of security systems and are designed to alert people to a specific event. They range from simple alerts that sound a bell to a sophisticated system that triggers a fire alarm.

If you’ve ever shopped for a burglar alarm, you may have noticed that they come in a wide variety of styles and designs. There are do-it-yourself kits that you can pick up for a few bucks and more complex whole-house alarm systems that require professionals to install.

Regardless of what kind of alarm you have, you can set it up to notify certain people through text or email when an event occurs. These people, known as alarm contacts, can then decide what action they want to take.

They can also set up a location’s alarm schedule, which enables the system to trigger different types of alarms at specified times and locations. These can be alarms that are based on inventory objects or other events, such as a door lock triggering an alarm.

Concierge security companies often use a combination of alarms and video surveillance to ensure that your business is secure. They can check who comes into your building and issue them with a key card or fob that only lets them into specific parts of your business. They can also check to see if there is any suspicious activity within your premises, which could lead to them sending out the police or other authorities.

4. Video surveillance

Using the latest video surveillance solutions, concierge security companies can keep track of visitors and threats in real-time. The best systems can combine cameras with advanced analytics software to detect anomalies and issue alerts based on deep-learning algorithms.

While guards traditionally view video screens to catch potential criminals, this approach doesn’t always work in real-time. Unless they’re constantly reviewing recorded footage, guards will be unable to prevent crime from happening in their areas.

If you’re looking for a new video surveillance system, start by assessing your business needs and budget. This will help you decide whether to purchase a network-based DVR or an NVR, as well as how many cameras you’ll need to cover your property.

Next, consider the type of storage your video surveillance system will need. This will vary depending on the resolution of your cameras, how long you’ll store the video, and how many locations you need to monitor.

A cloud-based video surveillance solution can be a great way to store your footage without needing to worry about space. However, you should ensure that the company is using the best possible cybersecurity measures to protect your data.

Lastly, look for concierge security services that are well-vetted and have a good track record of success. This will mean a high level of customer satisfaction and a commitment to quality service. They should be willing to provide training for any staff you decide to keep on site, as well as a clear set of procedures that will make your job easier in the event of an intrusion.


5. Event Management

Events are an important part of any company’s marketing and communications strategy, so competent event management is in high demand. These can be anything from press conferences and product launches to parties and charity fundraisers.

The role of event management can be a lot of fun, and it also offers great career opportunities for those who are creative and have excellent problem-solving skills. As the name suggests, event managers take on the responsibility for the creative, technical, and logistical elements of an event. They are responsible for all aspects of a successful event, from the planning stage through the actual event and post-event follow-up.

A key skill in this role is being able to manage a budget effectively and on time. This is especially important when it comes to large, complicated events.

Having excellent interpersonal skills is also important in this role, as it requires you to interact with people at all levels of the organisation. You must be able to communicate clearly and professionally with all stakeholders, from clients to vendors to internal staff.

The best concierge security companies will have a comprehensive, scalable, and mobile-friendly solution. This will allow them to digitise all contracts, registrations, request forms, reports, and more, while offering multiple digital touchpoints for students, faculty, caterers, facilities, and operations. It is also imperative that the system integrate with campus hardware and software to streamline event management and reduce the number of potential mishaps.

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