Nowadays, almost everyone has their own smartphone and they are in constant use. So, when people want to go on vacation, they usually rely on apps on their smartphones to plan their routes. However, most of the time they don’t know that many apps are capable of planning routes with multiple stops.

These types of apps make planning trips much easier. Most of them offer a huge database of destinations and it makes it easy to select places to visit. Many of them are GPS (global positioning system) enabled, which means that they will provide directions based on your current location.

This type of route planner is really helpful. Google Maps route planner by postcode is one of the most commonly used apps in the world and it boasts of being able to plan routes with up to ten stops.

Most of the users only rely on Google Maps for getting from point A to B. But, if you want to do something else while you’re traveling, you can download an app for your mobile device that can plan your route with multiple stops.

When you select a destination on a map, you will see the total distance and the estimated time it takes to get there. These apps are very user-friendly. They are also available to iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile and Blackberry users.

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