No matter what has prompted you to try vaping for the first time, the prospect of mastering the technique may seem daunting. It looks like a lot of equipment, including vape e-liquids, is at play here.

Every time you take a drag from your vaporizer, it’s the e-liquid that imparts its flavour and/or nicotine. Many adore vaping because it offers a wide variety of flavours and strengths that they can’t obtain from smoking tobacco. But, e-liquids necessitate careful storage and disposal. Hence, to help you select, utilise, and dispose of your e-liquids safely, we have compiled the following checklist.

Electronic liquids have a shelf life that must be respected.

When it comes to e-liquids, the same rules apply as with any other consumable product: use before the expiration date. The answer is “poor” e-liquids do exist. Some flavours and colours used in e-liquids have a longer shelf life than others, the container the liquid is stored in (e-liquids keep longer when stored in glass bottles than plastic ones), and how the liquid is stored (see below) It has been discovered that many e-liquids, particularly those with desert flavours, actually get better with age, just like a superb wine.

Consider the shelf life of the e-liquid you’re considering purchasing before making a commitment, especially if you’re trying something new.


You shouldn’t just toss away your current e-liquid since it’s past its expiration date. Much like with other commodities, e-liquids’ expiration dates should be treated as suggestions rather than requirements. They may be good long after their sell-by dates have passed, or they may spoil prematurely. Put your sense of smell, taste, and common sense to use. If it has altered in appearance, odour, or flavour, it’s generally best to get rid of it (for safe disposal options, see below; do NOT flush it down the toilet).

Beyond its prime, an e-liquid may still be safe to use, but it may not provide the same level of satisfaction as newer liquid. Also, if your e-liquid contains nicotine, you may find that its effects begin to wear off as you continue to use it. If you haven’t changed your vaping habits but are experiencing more intense withdrawal symptoms after quitting, it’s possible that the nicotine amount in your e-liquid has decreased with time.


The ideal way to keep e-liquids is in a cold, dark place, away from direct sunlight, such as a box with a lid, a drawer, or a cabinet. Heat breaks down e-liquids, leaving the solutions flavourless and with low quantities of nicotine. Before putting your e-liquids away, make sure to check the expiration dates so you can utilise them before they go bad.


Expired or unused e-liquids should not be flushed down the toilet. Because of the chemicals and nicotine they contain, e-liquids are considered hazardous waste because of the risk they pose to groundwater. You can return certain Dispergo items for an entirely new one at no cost if you decide you don’t like the flavour after all.

The other option is to see if any of your loved ones would be interested in taking your extra e-liquid. There is a drop-off location for e-liquids in some county areas. Nevertheless, if all else fails, you can simply pour the e-liquid into an absorbent material like cat litter, coffee grounds, wood chippings, or sawdust before sealing the mixture in a biodegradable bag and throwing it away.

Last but not least, reuse or recycle the container in which you store your e-liquid. A mark indicating the type of plastic used in the bottle’s construction should be included. To properly recycle your empty e-liquid bottle, first check the label to see what kind of plastic it is made of, then give it a good washing and toss it in the appropriate bin.

Here at Dispergo, we encourage responsible vaping and encourage you to get in touch with us if you have any questions.

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