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Casual shirts have always been the all-time choice for men. It has become increasingly popular among various age groups. It’s rare to find a men’s wardrobe without a casual shirt. It is the trendiest outfit for men owning the men’s fashion industry due to its simple and easy-to-go outfit, which can go well with bottom wear.

The category of casual shirts for men has set the benchmark with a high sales rate. The demand for casual wear is massive in the online and offline marketplace. Today, casual shirts are available in a different variety to fit every occasion. Let’s check out how casual shirts made their way to become the trendiest choice with their types.

Types Of Casual Shirts With Style Statements

Classic Oxford Shirt – The Classic Choice

When you plan to add casual shirts to your wardrobe, you can best make it with a classic Oxford button-down collection. It gives both a smart and casual look. It is simple and goes well with anything. Undoubtedly, this mens casual shirt is proudly the king of casual shirts.

You can choose a classic cut that is not very slim or loose to carry a versatile style. Better to go for a subtle colour. The popular colour choice of classic oxford shirts is white, pastel pink and pale blue. It creates a blank canvas. You can pair it up with formal pants or jeans.

Cuban Collar ShirtSummer Perfect Outfit

These casual shirt types are ready-to-have fun outfits that are also the best companion for summer days. It features a spread collar where the physique gets flaunted compared to the classic collar. It also comes with eye-catching patterns. It is a handy garment that can be worn in a subtle manner.

Men will have a chilled-out look with a relaxing feel. It is the best outfit for daytime hangouts and beach parties. It gives extreme comfort and can be paired with relaxed pants. For a complete look, pair the Cuban collar shirt with tailored pants or swim shorts. Try a pair of loafers or sandals.

Band Collar Casual Shirt – Get The Traditional + Modern Subtle Look 

A band collar shirt has classic pointed collars. It gives a traditional look with a stand-up collar. It also gives a clean and modern touch. It’s an easy way to get the smart casual look with a contemporary twist. This mens casual shirt gives a classic fit look with great versatility. Moreover, it suits various body types. It is recommended for a plain white option to give a modern alternative to the classic.

Chambray Casual Shirt – For An Americana Appeal

The Chambray casual shirts for men are relative to the denim shirt with an Americana appeal. It’s a go-to option for the summer days. It is a combination of a casual and smart casual outfit. It is also the best option during winter; you can go for layering. The fabric is better than denim; it can fit well underneath a jacket, overshirt or coat.

It will suit those who have muscular shoulders and bodies. It gives enough room for a light layer underneath. Indigo is the right colour choice, but you can go for grey and lighter shades too. To complete the look, you can pair it with jeans but make sure the jean shade is not too similar to the shirt’s shade. They should be different to contrast with one another. For example, a lighter colour shirt with dark jeans.

Heavyweight Flannel Shirt – Perfect For Layering

A heavyweight flannel shirt can be an excellent insulator and perfect for layering. The cotton fabric will lock the body heat. It can dye well, resulting in rich colours. It gives a common pattern look and allows it to give a subtle look that grabs everyone’s attention.

A loose flannel shirt can be layered over a sweatshirt or T-shirt. The fabric feels not too bulky or restrictive when worn under a jacket or coat. You can finish the look with a pair of leather boots and raw denim jeans.

Linen Casual Shirt – Smartest Summer Option

Linen shirts can be the smartest summer option. When you want a sharp look, it gives a perfect touch to any body type with its relatively heavy cotton fabric. You can also achieve a cool and elegant look. It is airy and drying on summer days and wicks moisture from the skin. This is why it can be the best summer pick. This casual shirt lies between the slim and relaxed look. Prefer light colours to enhance the linen’s cooling properties. You can pair it up with drawstring pants and sneakers for a smart summer casual outfit.

Wrapping It Up 

Casual shirts for men will be the best ever option, whether for a Friday office day or a Saturday night out. With so many types, you can pick your favourite for different occasions. Casual shirts are must-have men’s wear in the wardrobe collection. Its versatile types and ready-to-go for every season have made it the trendiest men’s wear. Try the casual shirt with different style statements to be in the trend. 

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