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Car transport to Hawaii differs from similar services in the mainland United States. Many domestic vehicle shipping firms only transport within the Lower 48, so finding a certified and bonded company specializing in shipping cars to Hawaii is critical. Look for Hawaii car shipping companies if your destination is outside the United States.

Shipping A Vehicle To Hawaii

Car transport to Hawaii is far more complex than shipping to most other states. Because it lies in the middle of the Pacific, all automobiles are placed into a boat and travel for one to three weeks to reach the Hawaiian Islands.

While exporting your automobile to or from Hawaii, several processes must be performed, including:

*Vehicles shipping to Hawaii must have less than a quarter gas tank.

*Carry the necessary documentation: When exporting an automobile to Hawaii, including the title, vehicle registration, and photo ID. If you’re returning a vehicle to the United States mainland, carry a notarized letter from the lien holder or second owner, if appropriate.

*Get your vehicle inspected: If it is declared unusable at pickup, it may be rejected or subject to additional charges. So it’s important to avoid taking any chances.

*Take out all personal things: No personal belongings may be delivered inside your car.

*Your alarm system must be turned off before you travel.

Shipping Car To Hawaii From East Coast

To take advantage of the reduced shipping costs on the West Coast, many people from the eastern United States choose to drive their automobiles to the ports of Los Angeles, Seattle/Tacoma, Oakland, and San Diego. Another frequently used technique is roll-on/roll-off shipping, in which vehicles are driven directly to a port on the West Coast and put onto a ship sailing to Hawaii. Their automobile is rolled off the ship with the other cargo when it reaches its destination.

Rules for shipping a car to Hawaii

In reality, it’s a lot simpler than people think. But, there are specific guidelines and requirements you need to be aware of before moving to or from Hawaii.

This post aims to provide you with all the information you require on those regulations for shipping cars to Hawaii so that you will be better prepared. Also, we’ll go over the fundamentals and advise you on transporting your car to or from Hawaii. You will then realize how simple the procedure is.

As we’ve indicated, shipping an automobile to or from Hawaii is relatively simple if you follow the regulations.

Clean the automobile carefully on the inside and exterior before shipping it from Hawaii to the mainland. If you’ve chosen a roll-on, roll-off Hawaii automobile transportation service, your car must be in good working condition.

It is recommended to carry out routine maintenance inspections before shipping your vehicle. These inspections involve checking the battery’s charge, the battery’s state of charge, the tire pressure, and the vehicle’s fluid levels. Without a fluid leak, your car could not be allowed on board the ship.

Approvals and papers are required when moving an automobile from Hawaii to the mainland. These are some examples:

*Valid driver’s license and current car registration;
*Evidence of ownership, title, or a bill of sale;
*If you leased your car, you must obtain permission from the lien >holder to transport the vehicle.
*Details on the person in charge of picking up the car;
*Transport Bill of Lading;
Inspection certificate for safety.

When shipping an automobile from Hawaii, you must first get your vehicle to the port. This is because the regular Hawaii car transport service is port-to-door. Don’t worry if you can’t drive your automobile to the port. You can appoint someone to act on your behalf. If this is the case, there are a few criteria. Your representative must be at least 18 years old. They must also have a power of attorney signed by you confirming that the automobile may be delivered.

After traversing the ocean, your vehicle will arrive at a port on the mainland. If you live close, you can pick it up personally. If you pick this option, you must produce particular papers before the port authorities release your vehicle into your possession.

This documentation includes the following:

*A copy of the title document and current registration, both of which must have the same name as the shipment order;

*If you leased your car, a copy of the authorization from the lien holder;

*If you share vehicle ownership, both owners must be present. If this is not practicable, the absent owner must offer notarized consent.

Identification with a photo and proof of ownership is necessary.

Using a Hawaii car shipping company to pick up and deliver your automobile will save you the hassle of filling out all this paperwork.

What regulations apply when exporting an automobile from the mainland to Hawaii?

The requirements for exporting automobiles from the mainland to Hawaii are substantially simpler. There is no further documentation required. However, if you are not planning to remain for a long time, you must apply for out-of-state permission.

If you want to permanently move to one of the islands, register your car within 30 days. This procedure will be discussed later down the page.

Whatever method you choose to transport an automobile, you must take steps to prepare your vehicle.

How to Get Your Car Ready for Shipping

Once you’ve reserved your Hawaii auto shipping service, you must prepare your car for transport.

*Clean the inside and outside of your automobile thoroughly. This means it will be ready to drive as soon as it is delivered. It also allows you to inspect your vehicle’s condition.

*Take pictures of any damage. You can use these images to compare your automobile when it arrives.

*Carry out some basic maintenance. For example, ensure that the tires are properly inflated, the battery is ultimately charged, and the fluids are full.

*All detachable components must be either secured or removed. Such devices include custom stereos, aftermarket video and DVD players, GPS, and a charger.

*Turn off the alarm system, parking cards, and toll tags. The driver will not require the permits or tags throughout the travel, and they will be annoyed if the alarm goes off suddenly.

*Reduce the petrol tank to no more than a quarter full. This is due to the dangers of transporting an automobile with a full gas tank.

Register your vehicle within 30 days after its delivery.

All cars in Hawaii must be registered, according to the Hawaii Department of Transportation. Because Hawaii is made up of islands, registration differs from other US states. A safety inspection certificate is required before you can properly register your vehicle. To complete the registration, you must additionally provide the following:

*completed motor vehicle registration application
*Current out-of-state automobile registration certificate Out-of-state title Bill of lading or shipment receipt
*The manufacturer’s stated vehicle weight
*Form for certifying motor vehicle usage tax
*Fees for registration

You can apply for an out-of-state permit if you travel to Hawaii but will not stay long enough to register your car. This must be completed within 30 days of your arrival. To apply for this permission, you must give the following information:

*Valid registration card
*Certificate of Vehicle Inspection
*Application for an out-of-state driver’s licence
*Shipping receipt or bill of lading
*The permit charge is $5.

Each county in Hawaii has its registration method. The process will also alter depending on whether you relocated from one county to another, acquired a car from a private seller, or purchased the vehicle through a dealership.

How Much Does a Car Shipping to Hawaii Cost?

Shipping an automobile to or from Hawaii can range from $950 to more than $3,000, depending on various conditions. Therefore, a Hawaii car shipping company must consider multiple aspects when calculating the cost of moving a car from the mainland to Hawaii or from Hawaii to the mainland. They are as follows:

*Season: The summer and January months are often the most costly.

*Vehicle size: The larger the vehicle, the more expensive it is.

*Type of transport: Open transportation is less expensive than enclosed transportation.

*Method of delivery: Door-to-door service is more expensive than port-to-port service.

*Destination: Shipping to California is less expensive than sending to the East Coast or Midwest.

*Direction: Transferring an automobile from Hawaii to the mainland is typically cheaper than the reverse.

*Fuel costs: If gasoline is costly, your automobile shipping costs will rise.

How long does it take to transport an automobile from the mainland to Hawaii, or vice versa?

Between Hawaii and the mainland, there is a large body of water. Therefore, the time it takes to transfer an automobile across the nation is also factored in. As a result, the voyage’s maritime phase can take one to three weeks, including the time it takes to arrive at or from your selected mainland site.


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