quad bike rental Dubai

There’s no better way to experience the thrill of Dubai than to ride a quad bike through its stunning desert landscape. It is one of the most popular adventures in the city, and it’s easy to find tours to rent online.


A morning quad bike tour gives you an opportunity to explore the red dunes on a guided ride. It also includes a camel ride and sand boarding, plus a chance to cool off with complimentary refreshments served in a traditional-style camp.


1. Big Red Adventure Tours


Big Red Adventure Tours is a stalwart in the adventure travel industry, offering a full range of dune buggies and quad bikes to suit your budget and preference. With a team of highly trained and experienced personnel on hand to provide guidance, you can look forward to a memorable day of fun in the sun. The company also offers a host of services including vehicle storage and workshop facilities.


The company is headquartered in Dubai, and offers a quad bike rental Dubai & different others activities to suit the budget conscious. They are the only outfit in the UAE to offer a one hour dune buggy ride, and they have an impressive fleet of high-performance vehicles designed specifically for off-road desert sands. The company is also the first in the region to introduce a new product category – the modernized classic dune buggy. The aforementioned high-end dune buggies have an automatic transmission and are fitted with safety features such as full roll cages, four-point race harnesses and doors.


2. Desert Safaris


Desert Safaris are one of the most popular Dubai attractions and are a great way to get out into the sand dunes and experience the beautiful Arabian landscape. You can choose from a number of different tours including dune bashing, quad biking and camel rides.


The standard desert safari lasts about 45 minutes to an hour. You’ll go out into the desert and dune bashing, before heading back to your hotel for dinner.


Alternatively, you can do a 5 or 7-hour safari. The 5-hour option includes the same activities as the standard evening safari, but is shorter and less crowded.


This safari is a great option for people who want to save money while still experiencing the thrills of Dubai’s famous desert. It’s a shorter trip and will give you the same dune bashing, quad bike and camel ride but without the buffet dinner.


3. Camel Riding


Dubai isn’t just a skyline of tall buildings, there are also vast sand dunes that stretch into the desert. The emirate is also home to one of the most famous traditions in the world – camel riding.


The most popular way to experience the desert is to ride a camel, and it’s a fantastic activity to add to your Dubai itinerary. Many desert excursions combine camel riding with a range of other desert-based activities such as dune bashing and quad biking.


Camels have a unique loping gait, perfect for crossing long expanses of sand. This can make them feel a little uncomfortable at first, but with a bit of careful thought it’s easy to ride a camel in the desert with minimal pain.


The best thing you can do is relax and let yourself get a feel for the camel’s gait. This isn’t just about avoiding discomfort, it’s also about getting the most out of your experience and making sure you don’t fall off!


4. Sand Boarding


Dubai is home to some of the best sand dunes in the world, and this is where you can experience the thrill of Sand boarding. It is a new and exciting sport that is a lot like snowboarding, and it is a great way to spend your afternoon in the desert!


The best thing about Sand boarding is that you can do it solo or with a group of friends. You do not need a lot of equipment to try this activity; you simply need a sand board and bindings for your feet.


Sand boarding is a fun and thrilling sport that is perfect for people of all ages. There are many different types of boards available, and you can choose the one that is most suitable for your abilities. Some are designed for speed and balance, while others are more stable. You can ride down the sand dunes standing up or lying on your stomach, depending on your personal preference and comfort level.


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