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As a business, it is important to have attractive and professional packaging for shipping your products. Custom mailer boxes are an economical and efficient way to do this. Not only will they protect your items in transit, but they also add a professional touch to the product. Custom mailer boxes are an emerging trend in the business world. It is ensuring increased brand recognition and making the company’s products stand out on the shelves. 

Wonderful custom branding options such as personal prints, logos, and other designs are available for custom mailing boxes. They along with various sizes that can accommodate different products. Such mailers provide your customers with a strong unboxing experience by packaging items safely. Also in secure for transit to any destination worldwide. Furthermore, adding custom mailer boxes to your product line can help achieve greater success and market visibility. Whilst saving time and money. Here are the top five economical designs for custom mailer boxes.  

Folded Corrugated Mailers  

Folded Corrugated Mailers are a reliable and affordable shipping solution for small and light weight goods. This type of mailer provides protection while keeping costs low, which is an attractive option for business owners. It is also for customers alike. They provide good cushioning capabilities with their fluted filler, while being reasonably durable so that they can handle rough handling during shipping. Additionally, these mailers come at an affordable price point and don’t take much space when folded, making them a practical solution for any business. 

These mailers are made from corrugated cardboard and feature foldable flaps that allow them to be easily assembled and securely sealed. They can be printed with company logos or other graphics for an eye-catching look that will make your product stand out on the shelves. Plus, these folded corrugated mailers are lightweight and require minimal assembly, making them a great choice for businesses on a budget.   

Rigid Mailers  

Rigid mailers are just as good as the ones that are folded. They don’t have any foldable flaps. This makes them more durable. They offer a strong way to protect and transport items of all shapes and sizes. These materials provide durability, waterproof protection and ease of handling. They are also good for shipping temperature-sensitive items. 

There are different kinds of bubble wrap. They come in different sizes, thicknesses and colors. You can pick the one you need depending on the business you have and how much money you want to spend. Bubble wrap is a good way to protect your things from damage when it is being shipped or stored. Rigid mailers can come with windows so customers can see what’s inside before opening the box, adding an extra layer of convenience for both you and your customers.   

Kraft Mailers  

Kraft paper is a type of paper that is often use to make boxes for mailing things. People like to use it because it is cheap and good for the environment. Kraft mailers are reliable and affordable, and they can be recycled. They are also design to protect items during shipping, making them perfect for a lot of different uses. Our Kraft Mailers are especially strong, with heavy-duty walls and bottom boards that provide extra cushioning and protection. 

The sidewalls of these mailers have self-locking closures and double adhesive strips to keep your products secure during shipment. They are also superior in durability and convenience, while being an economical option. In addition, Kraft paper is biodegradable, recyclable, and compostable, making it a more environmentally friendly choice for businesses looking to reduce their carbon footprint. Additionally, kraft paper offers excellent protection against impact during transit while still being lightweight enough not to add extra cost when shipping larger quantities of products.   

Eco-Friendly Mailers  

More and more businesses are using eco-friendly mailers. This is because they want to help the environment without sacrificing style or quality. Eco-friendly mailers are from recycled materials such as paper, cardboard, or plastic and can reuse multiple times. Using them helps businesses cut down on their environmental footprint. 

When you use eco friendly options for your mailers, it reduces the amount of waste generated. It also uses fewer resources than traditional mailers. You can easily add logos or create unique designs. These mailers are also lightweight and can withstand all kinds of weather conditions and travel time. 

Eco-friendly mailers help your business create sustainable practices that meet industry standards while also protecting the environment. These mailers are usually coming from recycle materials like cardboard or paperboard, which can recycle again after in use. Plus, they come in various colors and styles so you can find the perfect look for your business needs without breaking the bank!   

 Customizable Mailers  

These customizable mailers give you complete freedom to create unique designs that reflect your brand identity while still being affordable enough not to break the bank. You can choose from various colors and textures as well as add logos or images that make your product stand out from the competition when it arrives at its destination! Plus, these customizable mailers often come with special features such as windows or handles that make them even more appealing to customers who want something unique yet functional for their shipment needs.    


Custom mailer boxes are a great way to send your products so they arrive safely. It is important to use high-quality materials for the boxes and mailers to protect your items while they are in shipping. The right packing supplies will help you feel confident that your items will stay safe during transit. Also, make sure to use materials that will fill up empty spaces in the box. Such as bubble wrap or air pillows, to prevent any movement inside of the box during shipping. 

The top five economical designs listed above provide many options depending on your business needs – from kraft paper which is both affordable and sustainable; rigid cardboard which adds extra protection during transit; customizable options which let you create unique designs; eco-friendly materials which help reduce waste; or even folded corrugate which requires minimal assembly time – there’s something out there that fits every budget! With these five economical design options available at competitive prices, now is the perfect time to start using custom mailer boxes for all of your business’ packaging needs! 

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