clovis water park

Clovis Water Park is a popular summer destination in the heart of Clovis, California. It’s a place where visitors can have fun, relax, and cool off from the scorching summer heat. In this article, we will explore the different attractions and amenities that make Clovis Water Park a must-visit spot during the hot months.


Clovis Water Park has a variety of attractions that cater to all age groups. The most popular attraction is the Wave Pool, where visitors can ride the waves or just float around on an inner tube. The wave pool is perfect for those who want to have a good time and cool off at the same time.

For the more adventurous, Clovis Water Park has a range of thrilling water slides. There are five water slides, each with a unique twist, turns, and drops that will keep visitors screaming with excitement. The slides include the Black Hole, a slide that takes riders through a dark tunnel; the Twister, which is a 200-foot-long slide with twists and turns; and the Corkscrew, a slide that features multiple loops.

For the little ones, there is a children’s water play area that includes interactive water features and a wading pool. The children’s play area is designed for children under 48 inches tall and provides a safe and fun environment for them to splash around.

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Clovis Water Park has a variety of amenities that cater to visitors’ needs. The park offers several shaded areas where visitors can relax and take a break from the sun. Additionally, there are a variety of food options available at the park, including a snack bar, a grill, and an ice cream shop.

For those who want to take a break from the water, Clovis Water Park offers a sand volleyball court and a basketball court. Visitors can also rent cabanas that offer a private and shaded space for groups to relax and enjoy their time at the park.


Safety is a top priority at Clovis Water Park. The park employs trained lifeguards who are responsible for ensuring visitors’ safety while they enjoy the water attractions. The park also has strict rules that visitors are expected to follow, such as no running on the pool deck and no diving in the shallow areas.

Visitors are also encouraged to wear appropriate swimwear and use sunscreen to protect themselves from the sun’s harmful rays. The park provides free sunscreen dispensers throughout the park to encourage visitors to protect themselves from the sun.

Pricing and Hours:

Clovis Water Park is open from May to September and is open from 11 am to 6 pm every day. The park offers both season passes and daily admission. The daily admission prices vary depending on the visitor’s age, with children under three getting in for free.


In conclusion, Clovis Water Park is a must-visit destination for those looking for fun and relaxation during the hot summer months. With a variety of attractions and amenities, visitors of all ages are sure to find something they love at the park. With a focus on safety and affordable pricing, Clovis Water Park is an excellent choice for families and groups looking to have a good time while beating the heat.

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