It is admitted that the skincare industry has come a long way. And brands have improved the chemical formulation of skincare products like lotions, soaps, and bath bombs. And they ensure the customers that their products are safe and contain no allergens.

Therefore custom bath bomb packaging is a must. It boosts the consumer’s confidence and helps them make an informed decision. Besides, the custom boxes prevent the bath bombs from crumbling or scattering.

Hence we can say that custom packaging offers endless benefits. Apart from protection, it is used for brand marketing, attracts customers, and increases sales. So beautifully designed packaging is very important.

And in this blog, our experts have pinned interesting tips and ideas to design exclusive packaging. So let us get started!

Custom bath bomb boxes with inserts

The bath bombs are quite fragile. And they instantly dissolve when they are placed in the bathing tub. Hence durable packaging is a must to protect them against moisture, high pressure, and weight.

Moreover, when you place 3,5,7 bath bombs in a box, there is a high chance of their crumbling. And for that, the custom inserts are a must-have. They are available in foam, kraft, cardboard, and rigid stock. In addition, you can design the inserts in any size, color, and thickness.

The inserts make the wholesale bath bomb packaging extra safe and secure. And the boxes are able to withstand high pressure and weight. As a result, the shipment reaches safely to the drop-off location.

Use of premium stock

Do you want to make your soap boxes wholesale extra durable and strong? Well, there are many ways to enhance the box’s durability. But the most important one is to use high-quality stock.

And it includes kraft, cardboard, rigid, and corrugated. But each one of them varies in its functionality and design structure. For example, cardboard and kraft are more flexible as compared to rigid.

However, the rigid stock is a thick material and is delivered pre-assembled. And it is perfect for subscription, gift, and exclusive packaging.

And corrugated boxes are perfect for shipping purposes. The arch-shaped structure makes the packaging secure and safe. Consequently, it can tolerate intense conditions. Hence the cargo boxes remain safe during transit.

So retailers, manufacturers, and consumers get quality boxes delivered to their doorsteps!

Promote green packaging

Do you know that you can create a positive brand image with cardboard bath bomb boxes? Yes, you heard it right.

It is important to note that cardboard is a versatile packaging substrate. It provides excellent protection, offers endless customization, and is easy to handle. On top of that, it is 100% eco-safe.

It means that it naturally degrades and results in zero landfill. Thus you can order wholesale bath bomb boxes without harming the planet. Besides, they are recyclable and reusable.

Hence you can use the durable boxes for other purposes. You can store cosmetics, stationery, or other items. So the cardboard, rigid, corrugated, and kraft are 100% eco-friendly.

Amazing box styles

The brands love custom packaging because it fulfils all their packaging needs. And it beautifully displays bath bombs, soaps, and other skincare items. Hence depending on the product’s shape, weight, and colour, you can opt for the following styles.

  • Tray and sleeve
  • Boxes with windows
  • Full sealed
  • Straight tuck end
  • Tuck front
  • Bellyband packaging

And the best part is that you can customize the boxes in any stock, size, design, and color.

Custom surface coatings

There is no denying that custom-printed soap boxes are durable and long-lasting. But there are various techniques to make the packaging more versatile, attractive, and practical.

Yes, we are talking about custom surface coatings. They are applied on the soap packaging as a thin transparent layer. As a result, it protects the boxes from damage. It keeps the surface free of smudges, spills, and stains.

Hence you can coat the boxes with aqueous, gloss, or matte lamination. Although they all offer amazing benefits, aqueous coating tops the chart.

The skincare brands prefer it for the following reasons

  • It is 100% eco-friendly
  • It quickly dries out because of its liquid nature
  • And it is available in gloss, matte, satin, and soft-touch finish

So if you use eco-safe stock and coatings, it makes your custom packaging environmentally compatible. Isn’t that amazing?

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