Antivirus software is a popular software application these days. Basically it is an anti malware computer programme. It plays a major role in the ongoing times when cyber crime is on an all-time rise. Its role or responsibilities include detecting, prevention and removal of malware from computers. Viruses are a constant as well as real threat to the safety and security of data that you store in your computers, laptops and handheld mobile phones. Using a reliable antivirus programme or software is the best way to protect your computer system from nasty viruses.  

But according to a professional with years of experience in handling software in London, the majority of people have a very poor idea of the features to look for in an antivirus programme. However this is not their fault. Average people are not much tech-savvy. That is why they fall short of understanding the features that make an antivirus suite more useful. If you do not choose the right antivirus then your system is likely to collapse and become infected with virus. In short it exposes you to security threats. Selecting the right antivirus is therefore crucial although the task is challenging but not impossible either. In the following sections of the blog post let us explore few factors that you should consider why choosing your antivirus suite.

Free trial

As far as any software is concerned, a free trial version is always a welcoming option. An antivirus suite is no exception. A free trial helps you draw an idea what the software offers and how it works you should always invest in an antivirus software suite that offers free trial. You can correctly analyse during the trial period whether the suite caters to all your needs and requirements. Thus you can take the correct decision. It is worth remembering a word of advice in this context. Software applications that allow you a full glance at all its features in its free trial version, is usually a better product than the rest.

On the other hand in other software applications some features of the software are left inaccessible in free trial versions. This is not a good practice. You should thus always go for the option that offers the total picture of what you can expect as far as software is concerned.


Time is an important factor to consider while selecting an antivirus suite in the present times. After all it is not possible to spend a lot of time on software every day. Therefore the speed of antivirus software is an important factor to consider. How fast can the application perform scan on your system? How much time will it take updating your system? Answers to these questions are crucial for you to make the right selection. AV application suites offer different options in this respect. Like full system scan – which usually takes much longer time as it scans the system thoroughly – quick scan and others. While the software scans the system you can meanwhile enjoy listening to your favourite music.

Real-time protection is important too

Feature like real-time scanning proves as realistic as handy. It allows you to access information on the spot, as and when you require. This feature obviously needs a few programmes to run in the background. Options are also available to turn those programmes on or off and even pause them depending on your priorities. These options prove unbelievably helpful for those who regularly browse online, check email and download files. Thus you can save the time needed booting up the software every hour or day. An ideal antivirus software should provide real-time protection while you browse the virtual web moreover the application should also save you from threats of spyware, malware, Trojans and other threats online. It is relevant mentioning in this context that antivirus suites like Avast and McAfee are though expensive, they offer real-time protection that is truly remarkable.

Cost of the software suite

The cost is the decisive factor in buying an antivirus protection suite. There are lots of options for the software’s readily available in the online market.These products vary widely in terms of features and cost. If the truth is to be spilled different versions of the same software are also priced across an extensive range. Then again free versions are also there. While shopping for antivirus software the crucial thing is to select the latest version of a product at a reasonable cost. There is just no need to grab the costliest programme but it is most important to have a programme that keeps your computer system both secured and updated. As such continuous research is needed on issues like renewal of license and the cost of upgrades. Always select a product that is reasonably priced and caters to the purpose.

Scanning of emails

If there is a key feature to identify the best AV software suite, it is email scanning. This feature is more than crucial as it protects your personal data stored in your computer from being exposed to snooping eyes. The email scanning feature also protects your data saved in your system from being erased. A large volume of online threats and attacks comes from spam emails or embedded attachments. These attachments and spam emails mostly lead to virus-related problems. When your antivirus programme scans all your emails it can alert you whenever a threat appears in your system so that you do not click anywhere in that message. An antivirus is the best way to protect you and your computer from virus threats attached to your incoming emails.

Summing up

Technically sound experts who buy software in the UK frequently sum up the basic facts discussed in this blog in the following way. Having antivirus software installed in your computers is not enough. Make sure the version is latest and offers real-time protection. When you keep the five factors discussed above in your mind choosing the right antivirus suite can become an easy task. do not forget to go through the customers’ reviews about a given product as well as the reputation of its manufacturer in the market before calling your shot.



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